Video & EZboard Chip Carved Wedding Plate

How to chip carve smooth curves!

Scroll down to see how using a lazy susan helps when it comes to chip carving smooth curves and circles!
I’m using a 12″ lazy susan from Amazon ($7.00 or so). Using a large lazy susan helps support your work better than the common small ones. Enjoy the video!

Chip Carved EZboard HDU Wedding Plate

From start to finish after this plate was painted (Rustoleum 2X Ulta Cover, Heirloom White), it took me only 5 hours until it was ready to wrap. And that’s not rushing at all 🙂
This is a 10″ rim plate, 15# density (light green). $11.92 Click HERE
After carving I used acrylic paints and a brush. Seeing as I applied vinyl mask with the pattern on it before carving, painting is really easy! Brush in the recesses and then remove the masking. Crisp lines are guaranteed!
Download the pattern HERE.





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