Trivet carving – simple finish

This past weekend I leisurely carved this EZboard trivet. It consists entirely of 3-corner chips of various sizes.
Before applying the pattern and carving I was sure to sand the surface through 400 grit abrasive paper. This made a perfect surface to carve AND a smooth surface that requires less paint when finishing. Smoother = less porous = less paint to cover.
With just two light coats of Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover, Gloss Khaki spray paint and it was done. I may add another color(s) to the recessed areas. Time will tell.
I ran my video camera while I was carving so I’ll share that with you in the near future.
All the best to you as you carve easier, faster and better with EZboard.
IMG_2486 (2) IMG_2482 (2) IMG_2481 (2) IMG_2480 (2) IMG_2479 (2)

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