Perfect Fit Knife Kit (TM) – Beads ONLY


Perfect Fit Knife Kit (TM) – Beads ONLY

4 ounces of InstaMorph molding beads. Blade not included! Use these beads to mold almost anything!

With this Kit you will form your own knife that fits your hand perfectly! Heat up the beads, add coloring if you wish, mold the plastic around the blade, let cool and you’re done! If the knife doesn’t feel perfect simply reheat and reshape as many times as needed. Plastic beads can be heated in boiling water or with a heat gun. Blades are high quality steel and come pre-sharpened. Instructions are included and include a blade angle guide if you plan to use the knife for chip carving.

Choose from three blade styles!
Cutting Blade will make a standard chip carving knife.
Modified Blade will make a chip carving knife used for curves and detail work. It can also be used for whittling and other carving.
Whittling Blade is 2 inches long and is perfect for whittling and general carving.



Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in


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