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The Pattern Wizard is a great layout tool to create, modify and resize your patterns!
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Note: video tutorials are available for the Pattern Wizard on the Free Videos page.

I’ve tried various software products for drawing chip carving patterns. None of them were as easy to use as the Pattern Wizard! This software is designed for drawing the types of patterns we want and need for chip carving projects. Draw a section of the pattern, duplicate it, rotate it, move it in place, repeat, size it, and in minutes you’ve created a printable pattern!

It’s easy to draw geometric patterns as well as free form patterns. Curves and swirls of any shape and size are possible. When large patterns are created, it will even print it on separate pages, with registry lines for easy assembly. Combine this with your Pattern Transfer Tool and you’ll spend less time drawing and more time carving!

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Pattern Wizard – $79   $71.10

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Download the folder, Unzip the folder, Open the folder to find the InstallPatternWizard (2).e file, rename the file and ADD “xe” to the end of the file, run the file to install.

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Rapid Resizer – $59  $53.10
Pattern Wizard – $79   $71.10
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