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NOTE: 20# density is available up to 4″ thick.
15# density is available in all thicknesses listed up to 8″ thick.

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15# light green, 20# tan

6 reviews for Ezboard Price Calculator

  1. louis scrivani

    I have been trying to chip carve for a few years and I was never totally successful. I heard about the ez boards, I figured this was an answer to doing it successfully! So I called and ordered a few practice boards and even though I will never be able to do dramatic carvings due to being totally blind, I was successful in doing each chip very well and some geometric shapes. So I would say try it to learn on or even if you already know how.

  2. Dave Augustine (verified owner)

    Carves very easy. Very enjoyable to carve.

  3. louis scrivani

    I have been chip carving for a few years using bass wood, with much difficulty. But since I been using the ez boards, my chips have been very consistant. I will never be a great chip carver, being that I am blind and my carvings are limited to geometric shapes, but with ez boards they will be perfect I am sure.

  4. Nancy Mackin

    I do not like this product at all. Pieces crumbled out of the centers of all my chips. It felt like I was carving on foam board — which I guess is what it is, but I did not like the feel. Thanks for letting me try it out before buying.

    • Marty (verified owner)

      Hi Nancy, I’m interested in your results because I’ve not experienced this at all. I think this could be caused by dull tools. If you want to try again just let me know!

  5. Gary

    I am new to chip carving or any other type of carving for that matter. I realy liked
    EZboard. It is great to practice on you don’t have to worry about the grain so you can concentrate on your form. I’m going to send for more practice boards and a Celtic Cross.

  6. steve

    great to carve, but pretty expensive for what it is.

    • Marty (verified owner)

      Hi Steve,
      EZboard is very close to the same price as clear basswood with advantages being it is 100% carvable. No waste with knots, cracks splits or warping.
      The EZboard items produced like plates, boxes, etc. are priced identical to basswood.
      Also, know that my prices are wholesale and the thicker EZboard gets the more cost savings seeing as basswood is harder to get if not impossible.
      Hope you’ll try again.

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