Quick & Easy Egg Carving

Quick & Easy Egg Carving

I think you’ll like to try an egg carving. Fox Chapel Publishing asked me to review their book, Quick & Cute Carving.

I enjoyed the book, wrote the review and broke out a piece of EZboard to carve the chicken shown on the cover. Hen Eggs are now in the Store so you can carve anything your imagination allows! Only $1.50 each. Paint with acrylics like I did for an easy finish.
20171017_174027 20171017_131346

3 replies on “Quick & Easy Egg Carving

  • deanS

    One aspect I noticed about the patterns in the book is that they could work well as badges, magnets or even neckerchief slides, when the egg is cut in half first. Plus that would double the number of carvings out of one egg.

    • Marty

      Very true, Dean. And…you can save some money by buying a small piece from 1″ EZboard. It can easily be rounded off with a knife when carving badges, magnets, etc. The chicken I carved was not carved from an egg as mentioned in the book. I started with a small block 🙂


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