Progress on EZboard Mantle Clock

Progress on EZboard Mantle Clock

I first started this EZboard (high-density urethane) Mantle Clock in January during the class at Red Barn Retreats. While there are a lot of chips in this pattern, there aren’t that many for it to take this long. I set it aside and didn’t get back to it. But this weekend I set it on my carving table and made good progress! All I have left to carve is the base. I’ve got some ideas for finishing that I’m looking forward to using. Won’t be long now as long as I don’t set it aside again!

clock PIC_0479 PIC_0480

4 replies on “Progress on EZboard Mantle Clock

  • David Holte

    Hi Marty
    I find the E Z Board carving fascinating Great stuff. I signed up for the blog a few months ago and it was mentioned a Free Sample of the E Z Board. I have not received anything as of yet.
    I enjoy the blogs via email.
    Thanks and happy spring

  • Brian Melching

    As already said. A beautiful work of art Marty. I am always impressed by your work and the quality of the final products. A j kb well done. I am looking forward to addktional works of art as welm as informative how to guides and videos.

    Brian Melching


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