New Video: How to carve a sign, Part 1

New Video: How to carve a sign, Part 1

In this video I’ll show you how to carve and finish a sign in high-density urethane, 20# EZboard.
I created this carving for an article coming up in the Spring issue of Woodcarving Illustrated.
Your comments and questions are welcome! Please reply on the Blog page as others may have the same question you do!
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2 replies on “New Video: How to carve a sign, Part 1

  • Sharon Frye

    Having trouble staining the over the green color. I’ve been using Minwax penetrating oil based stain. Unless I use a dark color the green tint shows through. I prefer wood finish look rather than paint. Should I be using something else?? Would the white colored board cover better??
    Thanks for your help. I love your product and it has allowed to to continue carving inspire of my arthritis.

    • Marty

      Here’s how to finish EZboard so it looks like wood. First, spray paint the EZboard with a base coat color of your choice. I’ve used Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover, white heirloom. It is sort of an off white and can look like basswood or maple. Next, use a GEL stain, color of your choice. Brush the gel stain into the carved recesses, not leaving any puddles. Wipe off gel stain on the surface to get the surface color and look of wood.
      Please look in the videos tab, finishing videos, for more on this topic. Glad you love EZboard like many others!


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