Miniature Carvings – Procedure & Pictures

Miniature Carvings – Procedure & Pictures

In an earlier post I shared with you some of the EZboard miniature carvings that Frankie Fern was creating. She was kind enough to send me an assortment of her carvings along with a brief summary of how she is carving these EZboard miniatures.

Sharp knives and gouges
EZboard 3/4 x 3/4 x 2″
EZboard 3/4 x 3/4 x 1″
EZboard 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 1-1/4″
120 and 240 abrasive
Minwax (water base)Express Color Wiping Stain and Finish in various colors
Minwax (indoor/outdoor) Helsman Spar Urethane clear gloss spray
Acrylic paints
Tiny artist’s brushes with stiff bristles






First I carve the EZboard into the rough out basic forms desired. Then sand them with the sanding mesh to have a perfectly smooth canvas to start adding the details. The detail obtained with EZboard is phenomenal. Using very sharp knives and gouges I carve the wood/lumber grain and knots into the siding and roof.









All the houses and barns (except outhouses) have pet doors and people doors ajar to welcome all.03small








Many of the windows are carved in with millefiori beads glued in place to look like stained glass.01small









When the carving is complete I apply the Minwax wiping stain in various wood colors, full strength (but not so heavy that it obscures the carved detail and wood grain) with stiff bristle artist brushes. Allow it to dry. When dry, if you want a mix of color you can dry brush on another color with a dry brush. You can also mix the wood stains to obtain different wood color effects.1small 3small

I use acrylic paint on the doors to add a touch of color. When completely dry they are sprayed with the clear gloss urethane and again, allowed to dry.

I hope this helps people understand the versatility of EZboard and what can be accomplished with this wonderful product. Especially for those with fragile or weak hands.
Frankie Fern


Thanks so much, Frankie, for sharing this with us!

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