Make a simple sign with EZboard, Final step

Hanging the sign

Here’s the sign at its new home. I’m told that hot glue does not hold up in cold weather. Oh boy! I guess I’ll put it to the test here in Minnesota!


Make a simple sign with EZboard (HDU), Final step

I made a backer board from a 2′ x 4′ x 1/8″ panel finished on both sides. The backer will stiffen the sign and allow me to secure it to a tree and then fasten the sign to the backer.
I drilled 6 pilot holes through the backer and then used them to mark the location on the back of the sign.
On the back of the sign I drilled 1/2″ holes with a Forstner bit about 1/2″ deep.


The 1/2″ needs to be filled so the screw will hold securely in the HDU, EZboard. It is recommended to glue a dowel in the hole or fill it with epoxy. But I thought hot glue is worth a try. I filled a sample hole with hot glue, let it dry, drilled a pilot hole and secured a screw in the hole.
With a pliers I tried to pull it out. It held firm! Using hot glue sure is a lot easier than epoxy or a dowel.

hole filled screw

I placed the backer on the back of the sign and marked the holes in the hot glue using an awl.
The backer was not for exterior use so I fashioned a drip edge from plastic corner bead and hot glued it to the top.
I would have used exterior material but I was on a tight budget. With the drip edge it should last quite a while.
I’ll post a picture when I get this sign installed.

back edge

4 replies on “Make a simple sign with EZboard, Final step

  • Irv

    Hmmmm. What am I missing? I have no idea what this article is about. HDU? Huh? What are the pictures supposed to represent…starting with the first one. Very confusing.

    • Marty

      Interesting, Marlene. I’m sure I’ll find out if this is true in Minnesota! If I get a call back saying the sign fell down I’ll let you know!


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