Look at these NEW EZcarvings

Look at these NEW EZcarvings (EZboard high-density urethane)

I received two pictures this morning of recently completed EZboard carvings. Along with these I carved Little Hulda in preparation for my presentation a weekend ago to the Rochester Woodcarvers. Little Hulda is a pattern from the Caricature Carving book in the EZcarving Store.

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Alan sent this email along with his picture.
Here are some of the Christmas ornaments carved from EZ Board for an ornament exchange. I especially liked the no grain no matter which way you carve. I am taking a piece to my carving mentor who due to his age & arthritis has stopped carving. I am hoping this will get him going.”









Here’s Little Hulda (15# density) showing some detail you can get in EZboard. The ears are undercut a long ways as EZboard will flex and not break off. Finished with acrylic paint¬†mixed to the perfect colors of this dog using the Mixing Chart in the Golden Set.
littlehulda01small littlehulda02small littlehulda03small

























This is the Oval Box Valerie carved for her husband’s birthday. Way to go!

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