High-density urethane not “real carving”?

High-density urethane not “real carving”?

I received the following comment and thought you’d like to read it along with my reply.

“I don’t see ezcarving as real carving, because of the materials.”

I appreciate getting your comment and if you don’t mind I’d like to share some additional thoughts with you.
When we consider what “real carving” is, it is important to think of the wide variety of materials that are carved and made into beautiful works of art. Many carvers around the world carve ice, butter (Minnesota State Fair :-), pumpkins, ivory, antlers, horns, golf balls, stone, wax, plaster and high-density urethane.
I am looking forward to creating some great carvings from EZboard as well as seeing what others do with this great material.

antler carving, ice carving, ivory carving, pumpkin carving shown below

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  • alan blankenship


    Hello Marty
    I disagree with their statement,. I am currently carving some Christmas ornaments & will send you pictures. Some of the ornaments are for the woodcarving illustrated annual ornament exchange & I will be mentioning to everyone what the material is. I like the fact of no grain, easy to carve easy to paint. Hands down faster carving than with basswood as I have compared
    I have placed 2 orders with you & will place more. My next order will include some of the brown color. Also I have passed off a sample piece to one of my carving friends to try.
    Alan Blankenship
    Remlap, Alabama

  • Steve Armstrong

    It occurs to me that as some of us get older, our hands get a bit more sore than they used to after a session of carving in more typical medium (basswood, etc.). An easier carving substance allows us to keep up our hobby longer.


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