here’s another…EZboard turned bowl

Roger turned this bowl from a piece of 15# EZboard 2-1/2 x 10 x 10″. Here’s some more info he provided about his piece.
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“The rings were turned using a 3/16” beading tool. There are 24 rings plus the center solid. The segment lines were marked on the lathe and works perfect with the 48 segment setting on the lathe. After pencil marking them I burned them in with a wood burner by hand. 

Before painting the pattern, I used a white wash to cover the entire bowl. However, it didn’t do very good job of covering the original green color. So, a brown wash was applied and it did a good job of providing a base. Then the white wash was replied and did a satisfactory job. Finally, the paint pattern was painted on. Although it is a very time intensive job, it is fun to do and rewarding.
Also, I left the bowl slightly thicker than usual because I wasn’t sure of the strength of the material when cutting into it from both directions. The painted pattern did provide depth to the eye and has made it appear less thick than it is.”
bowl01 bowl02 bowl03 bowl04 bowl05


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