First EZboard chips!

First EZboard chips!

This just in from Steve. Post your encouraging replies on the Blog comment section here.

Hi Marty.
Thought I liked to share… I didn’t have the transfer tool to put the ornament design the sample came with so i drew a basic 3 chip lay out based of the ornament design and came up with this. This was a lot of fun!!! Though… I did cut my leg. Lol. No worries, I’m fine and lessons learned. On to the next board! Steve

20161027_215701 20161027_230629

Hi Steve,
Good looking chips for your first go! That’s why starting on EZboard is perfect.
Get yourself a lap board to avoid any future leg slices.
I use a 1/2″x12″ x 24″ piece of MDF. Cheap, sturdy and smooth.

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