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This just in from Dave who is carving some EZboard plaques!

I have about a third of one of my plaques done, which it is going very well. I am so happy with the way that EZboard is carving. I am thinking it might give me some bad habits when I carve basswood, because EZboard carves so easy, you don’t have to worry about grain.

I’m glad your EZcarving is going so well and you’re enjoying EZboard.
I think EZboard can really help technique because you don’t have to consider the grain. Focus on technique and I think your chip carving will improve in many ways
 Anyway, I am not ready for finishing yet, but I have been thinking about the process as I am carving. After I get done carving my plaques, am I correct in thinking that I spray on the Rust oleum paint primer (Paint and Primer together in same can ?) over the whole plaque first.
Yes, this is one way to start the finishing process. I’m getting a finishing series of videos ready for release soon. Rustoleum 2X has a great assortment of colors.
 Then do I spray a clear coat over top of that? Then I paint the chips with acrylic paint. I am thinking that without a clear coat on top of the paint, it might not wipe off if I get some on the top surface.
I have not tried spraying on a clear top coat. I don’t think this is necessary but then again it might help. Let me know how it works for you. 
Most importantly, when you wipe off any that gets on the top, wipe towards the painted recessed area so it doesn’t get on the top coat color.
 Also when I talked with you on the phone last week I asked if you would send me some of your acrylic paints with the color chart. Maybe its coming yet but I thought it might have been here by now. I’m not ready yet but was wondering.
I just received my order and will ship it to you soon.
Also, you you have a good way to Texture the surface in someway.
I have yet to experiment with texturing yet but there are many ways this can be done. Dremel, gouges, rough sandpaper. Sign makers texture the background with a sand blaster and masking but that’s too complicated for the average carver.
Watch for my emails and videos in the upcoming days.

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