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“Your videos show finishing EZBoard by spray painting the board before carving. What if the board is carved before the finishing? Would you get similar effects?”

This is a very good question. If you paint first and then carve through the painted surface, a gel stain will tend to be darker in the unpainted recessed areas. This unpainted area will tend to grab the gel stain more and create more contrast between the carved areas and the surface.
You can see the differences when comparing the finishing boards shown in my video (paint, carve, gel stain) and the double tea light holder photos (carve, paint, gel stain).
For greater contrast, paint first and then carve before applying gel stain.

Acrylic paints will perform about the same whether you paint before or after carving.

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  • Anthony Augusta

    You have sent me a practice board , but the images were almost none existent ,I didn’t think to trace them . I would much appreciate one I could try again . thank You

    • Marty

      Hi Anthony, The pattern lines just need to be dark enough to see. Applying patterns with lacquer thinner is so much easier than tracing every line. Would you like a replacement practice board with the pattern transferred? If you have any items you’d like to order, please let us know and we can add it to this shipment as well.


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