Finishing and EZboard for kids

This just hit my inbox.

“I tried the EZ Board you sent me. I like the crispness i can make in my triangles. In my usual carvings i have a tendency to under cut the last cut in the chip. i was able to control this much better in the EZ Board. I followed the instructions for transferring the pattern to the work. i used lacquer thinner like suggested and i rubbed the transfer with a spoon. i got only a very faint trace of the pattern. I then tried to lay out the pattern using a pencil and ruler. i didn’t lay it out accurately so i missed a few details. I guessed on the ones i missed but i came up with a slightly different design. I took artistic license at cutting the triangle on the outside corners and edges. I could go over and clean this up with my knife but the jagged stuff (I call fuzzies) seems to be at a minimal. I was popping out chips the way Wayne Barton showed me years ago in his class. I couldn’t get it back then but now I am doing what he showed me. I don’t like the color of this material but if it can be dyed or stained I will be happy with it. I don’t think this stuff would pass at a reenactment. Maybe i can use EZ Boards for practice as they surely would hone my technique.
If the summer camp i am volunteering at asks me to teach woodcarving i may talk them into purchasing EZ Board if it doesn’t cost too much. The neophytes learning to carve would do well on this stuff”
If you have questions on finishing EZboard, look at some of the postings under the Finishing Category. (link is found on the right)
He’s right that EZboard will “hone technique” and is perfect for teaching as well as creating finished products. Here’s a picture of the sample piece this carved sent me.

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