EZboard Wise Man Carving

EZboard Wise Man Carving

I just received some photos from George of an EZboard carving he completed. Here’s what he had to say,

“Several weeks ago I ordered two blocks of EZboard, 3x4x12”. When it came I was a little skeptical of how my carving would turn out. Most of my work is in the round, not chip carving. Anyway, enclosed are pictures of the wise man I carved for a Nativity.
The hands and crown were carved separately and glued in place.
I am pleasantly surprised by how everything turned out.
Thanks for introducing EZboard. I’m sure I will use it again. ¬†Sincerely, George Welch”

It’s a good reminder that any style of carving can be done using EZboard. During the Artistry in Wood Show this past weekend I asked many carvers to send me pictures when they completed their EZboard carving. I hope you will do the same!
Also, EZboard glues very well. I’ve found Go2Glue to be the easiest to use. It is a one-part glue and the joint is just as strong as a two-part epoxy.

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