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I’m glad to shared with you the following correspondence from this EZboard customer who just tried high density urethane for the first time.

Your feedback, questions and comments are always welcome.
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– easy to carve since one does not have to worry about grain – projects are faster to finish

– great way to practice a pattern before moving to basswood or butternut
thanks for these accurate observations.


– only one colour (does it come in different colours?)
15 lb/ft3 density is all this color, 20 lb/ft3 is a tan color but I’ve not decided if I will carry it or not
– requires finish ( I spray painted everything with spray enamel – matte finish) – the sparkles were done by painting the ornament with Jo Sonya’s matte varnish and then sprinkling fine coloured sparkles on it.
please sign up for the EZcarving Blog on ezcarving.com to stay current with the finishing videos I’m releasing. I just posted on a technique that is easy and looks a lot like wood. Check it out.
– doesn’t have the appearance of a wood project which only requires a clear finish to look finished (personal taste really)
I sprayed a wedding plate with Rustoleum chestnut colored paint and the recipient said, “I wonder what kind of wood this is?”
– I found that it has a tendancy to “crumble” along sharp ridges on back to back chips
I think this goes along with your next observation. Keep a sharp edge and you’ll find that EZboard holds great detail, better than basswood.
– requires “scary sharp” knives – I found that I had to strop a bit more than normal to keep edge (this may be only my perception) I think this is an accurate observation

Overall this is a great product once you figure out how to decorate it.
right, and finishing videos is my priority to help you see the many easy ways to apply a great finish
Hope this is of use – feel free to use photos.
Thank you!
Merry Christmas from Canada.
And Merry Christmas to you as well!

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