Custom Box and Book – Clearance!

Custom Box and Book – Clearance!

Custom Box: This box was going to be a gift but later found out that it was the wrong size. You can see I already carved some of the rosette on top! The pattern that coordinates with the top is already applied to the sides! This box is ready for you to finish carving (if you want) or sand off the patterns on the sides, apply a finish and you’re done.
This is a $45 box not including the pattern application and carving I’ve already done.

Dimensions: 7″ x 7″ x 5″
20# EZboard, hinged back
Clearance Price: $25.95

Gold Leafing Book
This book has been described as the bible of gold leafing. An oldie but goodie. I’ve already read it and will pass it on to you. I’ll be sharing some tips on gold leafing EZboard in the future.
Clearance Price: $6.00


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