Alison’s sign carving

Alison’s Sign Carving

This is Alison’s first carving using EZboard. I suggested she carve it using high-density urethane for a couple of reasons. The sign measures 18″ x 36″ x 1″ and would require quite a bit of glue up and surface flattening and sanding if made from wood. That would increase the cost of the blank as well as shipping. Also, carving is so much easier in HDU which gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to design considerations. You can see she got excellent results. Smooth lettering with a pleasing border. Well done!

Here is Alison’s reply when I asked her how she created the pot and ladle on the sign.

I was looking for ideas for the sign as they were unsure what they wanted and found the following drawing along with a few others. They ended up liking aspects of a few of them, so I traced over parts of the drawings and took them apart and created a new picture that was more to their liking. I use a program called Serif DrawPlus X6. 

Inline image 4
I spray painted using a copper metallic spray paint and outlined the pot and “striations” in black. Did the “steam” in all copper, but the outline and striations were in a slightly different color copper paint. I actually spray painted it a little heavier than what I had planned, and found that sanding it very lightly in the “light” areas gave it a nice kind of worn (or maybe burnished) look. My niece, who is actually a great artist, suggested adding some white highlights in those areas as well to finish it off. 
That’s pretty much it and I hope it answers your question. I was really worried that they wouldn’t like it and that it wasn’t “professional” looking enough, but I was talking to the person who asked me to do it the other night and she actually said they want to pay me to do another sign for the library in the house that someone donated. I guess that means they liked it!
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