20# Density EZboard (tan color) is now available

20# Density EZboard (tan color) is now available

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I received my new order of EZboard which included more 15# EZboard (light green) along with 20# EZboard (tan).
Increasing the density to 20# not only changes the color but as you could guess increases the weight by 1/3. Great density means the pores are smaller and it is a bit harder than 15#. 20# would compare to the absolute softest basswood you could ever hope to find. It carves wonderfully and will take any type of finish.
Higher density means more urethane in the product which makes it 1/3 more expensive. Still reasonable and 100% carvable means little to no waste.

You can order customer sizes of 15# and 20# using the Calculator.
Also, all products can be ordered in either 15# or 20# density. I’ll be adding pricing for products showing both 15# and 20# prices. The price difference will be less than the 33% material price difference.

If you don’t find a product listed in the Store that you’d like to carve, just ask! A customer asked me to make an Oval Box from EZboard, which is why you will now see it added to the Store!
EZboard stackezboard HDU oval box

EZboard closeup

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